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Quotation Mark

"I purchased a salt stone (square) from you during Americade week in Warrensburg. That same evening, I decided to try it out. I heated it in the oven as you instructed, and then removed it to a safe spot. I then laid shrimp, mildly seasoned with pepper and oil, upon the stone. By the time I completely covered the stone it was ready to turn the shrimp, and by the time I finished turning them, it was almost time to remove them. What a fantastic way to cook! I was complimented all evening by my guests, so much so that I bought more shrimp for the following night. I have since used it to cook salmon and scallops with equal praise afterward. The stone emits a gentle salt flavor but does not overpower the other spices. I will be using this forever. I am sorry I didn't purchase the larger one. Thank you."

User Icon Dale S.
Quotation Mark

"I took my very first bath with Himalayan salt this morning, it was amazing. I honestly didn't want to get out of the water. I'm so grateful that my store carries your products and I know they will continue to bless my customers with healthy options. Thanks again for being there to share in my excitement. May light, healing, wholeness and many blessings shine down upon you."

User Icon Joedee Love
Quotation Mark

"Hi! I was just at the presentation you did in Sebring at "Food for Thought" & had a fabulous time! Your presentation was so informative & entertaining at the same time. Anyways, I am writing to tell you about this amazing inhaler! I have had some type of big for going on 2 weeks now. Bad bug! I have been having a hard time breathing, lost my voice at one point but still have had this nagging cough & feeling of phlegm. Well I just got home & immediately started to use the inhaler & in the very first breath I could feel it! I can't believe my chest feels so much better after just a couple breaths!! It's amazing!!! No phlegm feeling, no cough or itchy throat! Thank you so much for coming to our little town. I always wished I lived in a bigger city for the conveniences, health products being the majority of the reason. I can tell you are passionate about what you do & that is great! Not many people can say that. You did a great job! Thanks again & best of wishes to you & your family!"

User Icon Leanne O.
Quotation Mark

"We at Nutrition Cottage would like to thank you for all the personal support and follow up you have given us in the past few years. You have always been very prompt with any and all questions with very informative answers. All of your products from the cooking salts, soaps, deodorants, bath and foot salts to the lamps have sold very well. In fact, even better than we anticipated. Shane did a wonderful job last year with his presentation for the many customers with questions at our store. We just wanted you to know that your excellent customer service and high quality products are appreciated at Nutrition Cottage."

User Icon Karen | Nutrition Cottage
Quotation Mark

"Hi my name is Stephen Bruno and I play professional baseball for the Chicago Cubs. I've been using your salt for a while now and I refuse to use any other kind. I use it with everything. It makes my body feel great. I just want to say that I am an extremely satisfied customer and thank you for providing such a great product!"

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