Sole Refill Crystals

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Water and salt are the essence of life. When the two are combined to the point of saturation, at a 26% solution - it is called Solé (So-lay).

Evolution Salt Co's Himalayan Crystal Salt Stones represent the most perfect geometric form and embody a perfect state of order within the structure. Colors vary from translucent and colorless to beautiful shades of light pink to darker red. This salt contains 84 ionic minerals, trapped inside the crystal matrix structure. When combined with good quality Artesian or spring water, the concentrated salty solution, Solé (So-lay), can be used daily to help balance and restore many body functions.


To Prepare Solé Solution:

Put several Evolution Himalayan salt crystals in a jar. Fill jar 3⁄4 full with water. Allow jar to sit at room temperature.

To Maintain Solé Solution:
Crystals will dissolve over time. Continue adding crystals to jar as needed. Keep jar 3⁄4 full with water. Solé solution is sterile and will keep for years.

To Enjoy:
Add one teaspoon of Solé solution to 8 oz. of water and stir. For best results, drink Solé solution in the morning before eating or drinking.

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