Refill Crystal Salt For Inhaler

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Salt air therapy is known to promote respiratory health. The salt that comes with the inhaler is good for at least a year when using the inhaler on a daily basis. If the salt becomes moist or wet simply replace it with Evolution Salt Co’s Coarse Grind Inhaler Refill Salt by removing the plug on the bottom of the inhaler, shaking out the old salt and refilling it with the new salt. 

Good for approximately 4 refills.


Salt air inhalation therapy is a simple, drug free method to ease symptoms of respiratory discomforts. Daily use of 15-20 minutes can ease breathing and benefit the respiratory system.

For best results, always keep your inhaler refill crystals in a cool dry place away from moisture. If salt crystals get moist and clump up in your inhaler, use the refill to replace the salt by pulling out the plug from the bottom of the inhaler, emptying out the salt & refilling it will the new coarse grind crystal salt.

Ingredients: Himalayan Salt – Coarse Grind

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