Evolution Salt Philanthropy

Being the world’s largest supplier of Himalayan crystal salt comes with high levels of social, economical, and environmental responsibilities. Evolution Salt Co is the un- equivocal leader of ensuring the industry positively impacts each of these facets from the local communities to the larger global scale.


In Guatemala, chronic malnutrition is higher than any other country in the western hemisphere. Evolution Salt made a donation to the Konojel Nutrition Center located in San Marcos La Laguna, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. We are truly passionate about being able to provide this community with Himalayan crystal salt, which has the highest mineral and elemental content of any salt on Earth. These minerals and elements are vital for optimal health and wellness. Currently, Konojel serves over 300 meals a week to malnourished community members, ranging from young children to elders, and includes at-risk pregnant women.


Locally, in Boulder, Colorado, we made a generous donation of Himalayan crystal salt to the School Food Project for their annual cooking needs because the health and nutrition of children is something that is incredibly important to us. This is helping the Boulder Valley School District’s Food Services department to fulfill their health goals by supplanting table salt within their production, with Himalayan crystal salt, the healthiest salt on the planet. It is our desire to continue to work with Food Service Directors across the nation and help them achieve higher standards of health and nutrition for their children as well.